Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I think my double chin has a double chin!

I really don't quite know how to explain it, but I'm pretty sure a double chin is a requirement for sister missionaries here in the south of Chile. Everyone gets one at some point.. if they don't have one now it'll come, you can't escape it.

Now that we've set that straight, this week was actually super great! On Monday we were knocking apartment doors and we found three nuevos. The son opened the door and I literally said like three words and he let us in. We taught lesson one and he was cooking like the entire time and it seemed like he wasn't totally listening, but he was actually the most receptive of the three.. he definitely has potential. 

Tuesday we had (tri)zone conference with President and I had to share my conversion story. It wasn't a hard assignment, but I already really don't like speaking in front of large groups of people, so to speak in front of three zones of missionaries in Spanish was a bit challenging for me, but I got it over with and it went decently well. In my interview with President he informed me that Hermana Roney and I are both too hard on ourselves and then gave me a cookie. 

We found two nuevos on Wednesday. One is a young mom with two little kidlets and the other a 16 year old kid who let us teach him a lesson outside in the rain.. they're both really receptive and it was really quite the week of miracles finding people who were ready to listen the the gospel.

On Friday night we taught a lesson to a 19 year old girl named A. She's friends with a member of the ward here and is super sweet. Her mom sat in the lesson and it went super well. The spirit was really strong and her mom started to cry as we were bearing our testimonies of the Restoration and Joseph Smith. She told us that she "always cries" and like hey, I get it, but we know that she was definitely feeling the Spirit. 

A also made us a cake to take to our district meeting so that we could celebrate Elder Mills’ birthday. Literally met her Friday night and she offered to make us a cake the next morning. She's just so sweet! Super, super timid, but really sweet. And she is super artistic, she draws using a computer program and she's super good! 

On Saturday night we went to a baptism in Rio Bueno with A and V (the member). It was super special because they guy who got baptized was somebody that we contacted in the mall when we were in a trio with Hermana Lopez last cambio. He and his friend were initially only trying to mess with us because we're not Chilean, but a month later he entered the waters of baptism so.. worth it! The gospel is true, it's as simple as that. 

Other than that Hermana Roney and I have just been trying to get over some killer colds! We sound like boys and could easily advertise for Kleenex.. bakan. Enjoy the summer because it's getting really cold here and it's always really rainy! Probably why we have colds.. haha. That's about all I've got for you guys this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Hermana Sessions

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