Monday, June 5, 2017

Volcán Osorno

I feel like my emails are getting more and more fome.. I'm so sorry for that. Honestly I don't have much to say today either, but I already feel bad that I didn't say anything last week, so here goes nothing! 

Today we went to the Volcano in Osorno and it was amazing! It was also super weird to see snow.. but also super comforting in a way. I feel like it's been way too long! I will send the pictures because they are super rad! 

A ver.. our mamita has been kind of down in the dumps lately, and since she's not really feeling it and she's not super animated she's been cooking with more and more salt. The food here is already loaded with oil and salt, but lately we've been eating lunches with so much salt that my throat starts to sting a little bit and I feel super parched despues. We really don't mind too much and our mamita is really cool so she doesn't mind if we ask for more water for our super salty soup. Well the other day she made something called 'charcican' (not sure how to spell it to be honest) but this time it had like absolutely no salt haha! She told us, "It doesn't have any salt so if you would like it more salty you'll have to add it yourself." Honestly I thought it was great, although I couldn't pronounce the food that we ate. When she first told us what it was I really had no idea what she said and I tried to imitate her, but it didn't work so well so I gave up and called it 'Jackie Chan' .. and everyone laughed pretty hard. Then we had rice pudding and we were trying to get the mamita to say it in English.. well she said something that sounded a lot whole lot like Brad Pitt and I lost it! I died laughing! So we ate 'Jackie Chan' and 'Brad Pitt' the other day.. que bakan!

Hermana Roney and I taught a super awesome lesson last night with some new investigators that we found and have been trying to visit for a really long time. The lesson went super well and was super, super spiritual. I wanted to invite them to baptism, but didn't really want to do it without the direction of the spirit so I basically told myself that I was going to let it slide this time and save it for the next lesson, but towards the end of the lesson as we were talking about how they could come to know that what we had shared with them was true, my heart started pounding really hard, and I thought it might jump out so I knew I had to do it. So we invited them to baptism and the best part was that the guy said that if he comes to know that the church is true that he will for sure , without a doubt, be baptized! BAKAN! It was really a great lesson! 

And.. I'm out of time! Love you all and I really do apologize that my emails don't make a ton of sense ever! Wishing you all a wonderful week! 

Love, Hermana Sessions

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