Monday, June 19, 2017

Asi es la misión

Over lunch today (o sea giant hamburgers) Hermana Roney and I concluded that it was a good first week to start the new cambio.. and I do agree, but I honestly can't remember much of what happened. Asi es la misión!

We were knocking doors the other day in the pouring rain for hours. We knocked one door and a lady opened but said she couldn't attend us.. haha. She basically said, "I can't let you in because it's raining really hard outside.." and we were like.. we totally understand, we're out here in the rain.. haha worst excuse that I've ver heard. 

Things that happened this week:

1. We found a neuva who told us she would cook for us if we're ever hungry
2. Celebrated an 8 year old’s birthday last night 
3. Took selfies with the bishop's daughter
4. Taught the worst lesson we've ever taught together and still the investigator was loving every minute of it, so the Spirit had to have been working wonders.
5. Laughed hysterically while singing a hymn with the family we ate lunch with on Sunday because we thought the husband was joking, but really he just couldn't sing like at all.. he was all over the place. His son was laughing so hard that he started drooling and couldn't breathe.

I'm sure we did other things as well, but I'm drawing a blank! I get to see Hermana Hanosek tomorrow so I'm feeling excited about that! But I have to speak in front of 3 zones of missionaries so I'm really NOT excited about that one!

I hope all of your fathers, fathers that receive my emails, and future fathers had a great Father's Day yesterday! ..and don't forget your Father in Heaven, He loves you all so much. I love being on the mission and feeling just a smidge of the love He has for His children. It's truly incredible! I apologize for the lack of missionary experiences included in this email, but I promise one of these days I'll send an email worth reading! 

Love, Hermana Sessions

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