Tuesday, June 13, 2017

sharp instrument prickles.. haha

Good things that happened this week:

I don't know if I've talked about our neighbor Hermano E before or not, but he is a less-active member who lives right across the street from us. He always watches to make sure we get back to the house at night time and will call us out if we choose not to make a fire. He really likes to be heavy with us.. or um.. I don't know how to say it in English, but he's stubborn and likes to be hard on us. He's always complaining about how we don't visit him too. So we finally set up a time to pass by and visit him with a member and what do you know, he wasn't there.. we actually visited him again later that night and he was in his house, but he chose not to answer. At least we have some fun pictures to remember the experience. Hermana A is the cutest little member ever.. I think she's probably like 3' 8" or something like that. We died laughing too because when Hermano E wouldn't open the door she said, "Oh that Hermano E, he's a little special."

The other day we were able to pass by the house of a member who moved to our sector a few months ago. His wife isn't a member and they have a daughter who's about a year and a half old. Anyway, we basically only had time to get to know his wife and we sang "las familias pueden ser eternas" and shared our testimonies. Unfortunately they're going to visit the US and are going to be out of town for like 3 weeks, but she really has a lot of potential and the spirit during the lesson was so strong! 

I also included a super funny picture of the packaging of a shower cap I bought from a China shop. Hermana Roney and I bought shower caps for fun because they're useful and they were cheap and when we got home I started reading the back of the package and about died I was laughing so hard.. I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Hermana Roney and I got talking during companionship inventory and basically came to the conclusion that we really just didn't do much last cambio.. and it wasn't so much that the work was slow, but we were just kinda slow. We feel like we really lost a lot of time last cambio and that we didn't really give all that we've got. We had a lot of fun together and a lot of great moments as well, but when it really comes down to it we weren't exactly obedient, and because we weren't exactly obedient we weren't exactly happy and we weren't exactly doing everything in our power to move the work in our sector. After our talk we felt a lot better having recognized what we've been lacking and what we need to improve, but we also felt really fome because we feel like we pretty much threw an entire cambio down the drain (which is a little bit drastic, but you get the point). Then with cambios approaching we both started to worry and feel more fome because neither one of us wanted to leave the sector having felt like we hadn't done our part. So long story short last night  we didn't receive a call about transfers which means we're going to stay together another cambio and we we're super happy! At least I'm really, really happy!!! I love Hermana Roney and I'm really excited to continue to love her, but to also to share the love with our sector haha. There's a lot of work to do! Thankfully, because of the Atonement we can start new and give absolutely everything we've got.

Anyway, that's about all I've got for the week! Shout out to my sister Kaitlin who turns 16 on Sunday.. I'm actually terrified.. but feliz cumpleaños little sis! Love you all! Have a great week!!


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