Monday, May 1, 2017


..I don't really have cambios, but my companion does! She's going to Valdivia to finish a training and I am staying in La Union and I'm going to be companions with Hermana Roney (Sage).. from Holladay!!! WOOT WOOT! Haha I am seriously so excited!! ..but she is coming from Coyaique tomorrow which is super far south so I will pretty much be waiting for her all day. She just barely finished her training so I will be her second companion in the mission and I'm way happy, but a little bit scared too because well, I have to really know what I'm doing. I still feel so little.. I still have so much to learn and my Spanish is mas o menos no mas.. eeeeee! This cambio is going to be so much fun though! I'm way stoked and I really feel like we're going to see a ton of miracles!! Also so stoked to be companions with Hermana Roney!!

So Hermana Levrino and I have been in the house for the past couple of days because, well, a decent sized dog bit her on Saturday night. We were walking to a member's house for a noche de hogar and a bunch of dogs started barking at us like usual, but this time this white dog ran up and bit my companion right behind her knee. At first she told me she was fine and we walked to the house, but when we got there her leg was bleeding a lot and it looked pretty bad so we went to the hospital. She had to get 4 stitches and the rabies vaccine and has had to rest for a couple days because she shouldn't be walking very much. Today we had to go to the doctor again so that they could clean the bite marks and give her the second vaccine. She has to get 3 more! I felt so bad and wished that I could have prevented it somehow, but she was a trooper through it all.

Last week we also found 4 new investigators! Record!! ..and the best part about it is that two are under the age of 65! WOoOOoh! We're super excited to teach them more! Two of our nuevas are young and one has a cute little family! We haven't been able to see them since because well, a dog ruined the rest of our week, but Hermana Roney and I are going to have some investigators to work with and that's super great! 

These past two transfers haven't been super easy, but I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father has been aware of me. He knows each one of us perfectly and is always award of what we're going through! Don't forget to tell Him what's going on in your life. He wants to hear from you.. He's waiting to here from you!

I love you all so much! Por favor cuĂ­dese! 


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