Monday, May 8, 2017

so.. trios are fun

Can I just say that it is so much fun to find someone you kind of know on the mission! On Wednesday of last week I had to go to Osorno in the morning to wait with the Hermana Líderes (Hermana Ruiz) until Hermana Roney arrived from Coyaique. (Side note: I really want to go to Coyaique.. literally everything Hermana Roney has told me sounds like a dream and her pictures are off the charts!) Anyway she didn't get to Osorno until like 8:30pm and then we had to take another bus to La Union.. let's just say it was a late night. When she got off the bus I was just too happy to be her companion.. we even have the same Utah necklace. She is just too cute.. later she told me she was nervous, but the first thing she said to me was, "Wanna here something funny? I know you." I just laughed and said, "I know you too!" Basically we were both thinking the same thing. I was thinking that she wasn't going to know who I was and she was thinking I wasn't going to know her because neither one of us was SUPER social in high school.. too funny! She is darling!

On Friday we adopted another missionary into our family haha. We have been in a trio with Hermana López from Costa Rica since Friday, and she is too cute! We've been having a lot of fun together.. maybe too much fun. I guess that's why the trio’s only temporary. We have to give her back to her companion tomorrow at conference with President. 

On Friday night we worked in La Union and all stayed together in our house. Well we only have two beds and two mattresses, so we took our mattresses off and put them on the floor in the main room (only slightly bigger) and the three of us slept across the two mattresses. I died because Hermana Roney wrote a funny on a whiteboard we have in the house about our sleeping arrangements because on page 32 in the Missionary Manual it says not to sleep in the same bed as your companion. Well, as fun it was it wasn't exactly the most comfortable so on Saturday night we decided to stay in Hermana López´s sector in Rio Bueno because they have 3 mattresses in their house.. (I'm not even really sure I'm spelling mattresses right) It's a lot more comfy! 

On Sunday we worked in Rio Bueno and had a lot of fun! The branch president there even made cinnamon rolls and we each ate two! Hermana Roney said something like, "It's funny because this cinnamon roll tastes so good but in the United States it would just be a crappy cinnamon roll." I died, haha. Earlier Sunday morning we had Stake Conference in Osorno. Our district leader was sitting behind us during the conference and I heard him speaking English and turned around and he was talking to this older guy, turns out the guy served in this mission like forty years ago and is looking to retire here.. super interesting! After conference we had lunch in Rio Bueno and went to visit some members. We were sitting in there house talking with them and they went to ask Hermana Roney what her name was and how to pronounce it.. "Hermana S---" We both looked at her name tag and were so lost, then I looked at mine and it said 'Hermana Roney' haha! Turns our, Elder Sheppard, our district leader, swapped our name tags on our jackets during conference. We laughed so hard we were crying a little bit! I also tripped over a dog.. but he like tried to trip me I swear! 

Anyway, I'm just too stoked to have Hermana Roney as my companion! It has already been so much fun and I really feel like we're going to have an amazing cambio together. She's just what I needed and I'm so grateful for her! I have already learned so much from her and the missionary that she is and the testimony that she has.. I'm already thinking that I'm not going to want to leave her when the time comes and can already imagine that there will be tears!

Wishing all you moms (and future.. 'algun día gonna be a mom' moms) out there a very special Mothers' Day! I love you all and hope you have an incredible week!

Love Hermana Sessions

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