Monday, May 22, 2017

The return of the pulgas.

What to say, what to say.. 

I'll start with what I can remember about this week and hopefully it will come to me. First off, I have fleas again.. yay. I don't know how I got them, but they're really no fun at all. I'm super itchy!

As a district, we decided to start English and Portuguese classes in the capilla. This past week.. pretty much no one showed up, but there was one member there so we decided to teach the classes likewise. Hermana Roney and I taught a little bit of English first, and despues Elder Longo from Brazil taught us some Portuguese.. which is really pretty similar to Spanish, but I pretty much already forgot everything we learned. Some of the letters in the alphabet are a little bit trippy and really it was just hilarious because Elder Longo is Hilarious.

On Saturday morning we painted the gate surrounding the apartments where our bishop lives with the zone leaders and the bishop. He really likes to talk to us in English which is always pretty funny and his daughters are super cute! They were showing us their collection of littlest pet shops and my little ponies. And not that it matters to me that much, but my little ponies are really scary looking now! I don't know what happened! Afterwards we had lunch with out mamita and her granddaughter who's like 23 and we ate too much as usual. I don't know, the mamita always cooks really well, but the food here still doesn't like me very much. Anyway, I don't actually remember if it was Saturday after our service project, or earlier in the week, but our mamita gave us oranges for dessert one day, but she only had three and there were four of us, so she told her granddaughter that she didn't get one because they were only for the hermanas. It went a little like this, "but why? I'm an hermana." .. "because you don't go to church" .. "yeah, but I'm still  a daughter of God!" haha! It was a little more funny in Spanish I think.

Last night we had an awesome lesson with a woman named L. Her son was a contact that I made quite a while ago with Hermana Parkinson during an intercambio. We knocked on the door and she let us right in.. I mean it was pouring rain so it made the most sense, but still we were super shocked. We taught her the Restoration and answered a lot of questions. She is really firm in her religion, but she was really receptive and willing to listen. She also said towards the end of the lesson and that she doesn't believe in coincidences and that if we showed up on her doorstep it was for a reason, so we have another lesson with her scheduled for this week! It was really neat to hear her recognize that the Lord has been preparing her and that two girls from Utah showing up on her front porch is a part of Heavenly Father's plan for her! She has a TON of potential and we're super happy that we found her last night.

Well friends and family! I love you all tons and hope that you've had an amazing week! Please enjoy summer for me because it's pretty stinking cold here lately! 


Hermana Sessions

No pictures from Abby today ... but I wanted you all to know that tomorrow is this Sister's Halfway mark!!! Feel free to post a comment for her to cheer her on - I will be sure she gets them all next week!

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