Monday, November 7, 2016

P-p-pia and the Fleas!


Wow! Today is officially week six in the mission which means transfers are next week. I don't think that anything will happen because I'm still in my training so odds are that Hermana Ruiz and I will both be staying in Angachilla.. at least I sure hope so! We have a lot of work to do here still haha.

So many things have happened this week and it has honestly been such an interesting one. I don't even know where to begin. Last Monday was Halloween so it was really hard to find any one at home that wasn't busy.. we didn't have very much luck finding anyone or teaching any lessons. Tuesday was day of the dead so it was kind of the same, but we were at least able to have a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with the other hermanas and some members. Wednesday we were expecting things to get better because it was just a normal day, but not much of anything happened. After district meeting we were pretty much knocking doors all day.

Things turned finally turned around on Thursday! It rained.. well actually you can't even really call it rain, it was more like mist.. but we were soaked. Luckily we were able to teach six lessons! We sang a quick him and taught a tiny lesson about families to this woman and her daughter. We were in and out super quick because she had to go pick up her other kids from school, so we seriously left just on a spiritually high and also a 'what just happened?' kind of feeling. On Friday we also taught another quick lesson to a family with twin 13 year old girls and a little baby girl! They were so, so cute and we are hoping to be able to find them at home again this week so that we can have another lesson with them.

Wowzers.. I'm almost running out of time. Okay now for some of the funny things that happened this week. We were in a lesson one night with out investigator and her two boys. They have this little dog that she absolutely loves named Pia, but she had mentioned how she wouldn't stop biting herself and said she had some irritation of some sort. I thought she said they had ruled out fleas, but later Hermana Ruiz informed me that's not quite what she said.. anyway we were teaching the lesson when Pia came and sat right next to me on my skirt. I didn't think much of it, but she seriously would not stop scratching and biting her fur. I started to get uncomfortable and tried to pull my skirt out from underneath her but couldn't. Anyway I tried to lose myself in the lesson again until I literally saw fleas crawling in her fur and at that point I was freaking out inside but didn't know what to do, because it wasn't like I could just shove her dog that she loves more than anything off the couch if we ever wanted to teach her again.. but I could not for the life of me concentrate on the lesson and I was just dying inside the entire time. By the end of the lesson I was basically sitting on top of Hermana Ruiz. I told her what had happened afterward and she just laughed but couldn't believe I had actually seen fleas in Pia's fur.

Oh yesterday we had lunch with familia Valerio! I got a picture with their family! I really only wanted a picture of Hermano Valerio and his mom, but that would have been awkward, so see if you can pick them out of the crowd. They seriously look just like Campbell McGavin and Dawna Rasmussen to me. For those of you who have no idea who I'm taking about, I'm really sorry about freaking out in last weeks email, but for those that do.. you 'll probably see why!

Anyway, we've seen a lot of miracles this week.. and have had some super interesting lessons.. but it's all just a part of the mission, haha! I seriously love it! It's always an adventure!

Also don't if you can't find me in the picture with the Valerios it might be because you don't recognize me.. my face is getting pretty round.. it's soooo sad! 

I've been thinking a lot this week about decision making and the decisions I've made in my life, both good and bad, and what a blessing it is that we have our agency. I read a quote by Elder Oaks in Preach My Gospel at the end of chapter four (so if you have a copy you should read it) about decision making. I love that Heavenly Father allows us to make mistakes, but then is able to teach us through those mistakes and help us to make better choices in the future. I love that we are our own agents and that we have to act for ourselves and are accountable for our actions. I think sometimes I want to rely solely on the Lord, and I want to be guided in everything that I do and receive sure answers and know exactly what to do in every situation, but that's not how we learn, and that's not how we grow, and part of being led by the spirit is learning how to make decisions by this spirit, not having the decisions be made for you. I love this gospel and everything about being a missionary! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to share it with the people here! 

I love you all so much and hope you all have an amazing week!!


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