Monday, October 24, 2016

Semana 3 ..and halfway through my first cambio??!

Hola everybody!

This week has been really, really good! I realize that you guys know next to nothing about what we are even doing here, so I figure I should probably fill you in.. Hermana Ruiz and her previous companion Hermana Delmaz had recently dropped a lot of their investigators who weren't progressing.. sooo we currently only have two 'progressing' investigators.. who in reality really aren't progressing and we are probably going to have to 'breakup' with them this week. We have been working really hard to gain stronger relationships with the members in our ward and seek references from them. We have also been knocking doors and contacting in an effort to find new investigators. Last week we were able to find 5 nuevos which was seriously such a blessing after the week we had before that. We found a family of three and another nineteen year old girl named Valentina who is just so cute! Our first two lessons with her went really well and we are really excited to meet with her more this week!

Here in Angachilla there are two sectors.. Hermana Ruiz and I are in Angachilla 2 and there are two other Hermanas (Hermana Bailey and Hermana Arrington) in Angachilla 1. We always meet up with them on p-days and usually see them a handful of times during the week and it's really fun to have four hermanas in the same ward! They are so cute and just awesome!

Okay.. so lunch here is like the main meal of the day. We usually have lunch with a member everyday and it's just so funny. You are either absolutely stuffed and it feels like you just ate Thanksgiving dinner or it does absolutely nothings and you are starved. I'm not sure how it works out that way, but it's quite funny. We usually just have cereal for breakfast in the mornings.. and then again at night, because well.. I'm used to having dinner and we're hungry again by 10:00pm.

Fun fact for the week.. to use a public restroom in Chile you have to pay. It's like so unfortunate! like I already have to pee.. just let me go please!

Once again I'm out of time.. but I promise I'll keep working on writing better emails! Soy fome, but I love you all and hope all is well wherever you may be! Have a wonderful week!!


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