Monday, October 10, 2016


Oh my goodness I have so much to talk about and so little time! I made it to Chile!! I'm really, truly here, writing from a little internet cafe in Valdivia (my area, which is north of Osorno I believe).I am serving in the Angachilla 2 Sector and my companion is Hermana Ruiz. She is from Calgary, Canada, but was born in Columbia so she's fluent in both Spanish and English which is really such a blessing. She's a week older than me, and has been on the mish for 9 months!

Okay, okay.. but back up a little bit. So after our 8 and a half hour plane ride to Santiago which honestly felt like a crazy nightmare, we had a 6 hour layover in the Santaigo airport, which was really uneventful. From Santiago we had another hour and a half flight to Osorno, where we were greeted by the new mission president and his wife here in the Chile Osorno mission along with the tiniest airport I have ever seen in my entire life. Enserio, it had one gate, no terminals, one floor, one room, and a tiny little oval conveyer belt for our bags, that very well could have been manual. (okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the gist). 

Our mission president and his wife are the cutest!! They are from Wyoming, but grew up in Holladay and both went to Skyline High School. How funny is that?? They have only been here since September 16th, I believe. When President Obeso found out he needed to leave, they were called to serve and had to prepare to leave in 2 and a half weeks!! Hermana Isom knows no Spanish at all and she is having to learn too, so it's really humbling.

Entonces.. the first night here in Chile Hermana H and I stayed in a cute little hotel in Osorno. The next day we took care of our visa stuff, I guess you could say, and then went to meet our companions. We had to take a bus to Valdivia which was about two and a half hours. Then we took a collectivo to our little apartment. Hermana Ruiz and I live there alone, but it is seriously so tiny. It's pretty nice though.. I like it, it's comfy. 

I honestly need like 2 more hours to tell you everything that has happened here, but I am almost out of time as it is. Let's just say, as a missionary you kinda just jump right into the water. I've been speaking Spanish as best as I can and bearing testimony when I don't know how to do anything else. I've been knocking doors, or rather gates, and saying ¨Halo¨, which is apparently how Chileans greet each other rather then using hola. It's honestly so crazy, and I truly can't believe I'm here! I've met quite a few people since I've been here.. families, less actives, recent converts, and investigators. I wish I could talk about each one of them individually, but I simply don't have time. I will try harder next week! Anyway.. yesterday I had my first baptismal invitation... it was one of the most intimidating things I've ever done for sure, but Maria said she would try and that she would prepare to baptized on the 12th of November. 

Last night we also had a lesson with an investigator named Antonio. It was a really awesome lesson and I felt the spirit so strongly, but it was also frustrating because Hermana Ruiz and I just really wanted him to understand our love for him and feel God's love for him and know that he could sincerely and truly repent. It's hard not being able to say what I want to say because I don't know how to say very much in Spanish. It's hard to have confidence, but I've learned that it's not about having confidence in myself. It's about having confidence in Christ. Of course I can't speak Spanish yet, I've been here less than a week.. luckily the Holy Ghost can.

Anyway, gotta go!! Love you all lots!


Hermana Sessions

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  1. Welcome to Chile ,Sis! I'm an old member who wishes you the very best in your Chilean adventure.Perhaps you'll be like Indiana Jones meeting a new culture over the first weeks but there's no need to fret ,your ZLs will probably have every little detail solved for you in a jiffy... Tell the local members to invite you to taste some sopaipillas and empanadas (Some yummy homemade Chilean dishes.)