Friday, September 16, 2016

Bueno, bueno, bueno, bien!


What to say, what to say.. I still love it here! I honestly don’t want to leave in a couple weeks. I’m super excited to go to Chile, but I am going to miss the CCM and my district so much!

Last Saturday I completely lost my voice. It was such a rough day and all of the elders in my district were roasting me so hard because I couldn’t sass them back. We also taught a lesson to our investigator and I had to whisper the entire time and it was such a struggle! Not only was I trying to speak Spanish, but I had to whisper and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he didn’t have a clue what I was saying. On Sunday Hermana H and I had to teach a 50 minute lesson in relief society and luckily I had my voice back, but I sounded awful. Anyway, the lesson went really well.. so that was good!

Both of our teachers started school so we got two new teachers this week. Hermano Tapia and Hermano Barroterran. Hermano Barroterran is fresh off his mission and is only 20 so it’s kinda weird that we’re the same age, haha! We taught Hermano Barroterran for the first time and it went really well, but at the end of the lesson I asked him when we could visit him next and after he responded I said, "Bueno, bueno, bueno, bien!" faster than you can even imagine and Hermana H won’t let me live it down. Also, I can’t say it that fast again to save my life.

Oh, I also decided to be slightly disobedient and I allowed myself 5 minutes to play soccer with the elders.. I kid you not, 2 minutes after I started playing, just as I made a pretty sweet cross the gym instructor came cruising by on his bike and said, "Hermana, you can’t play with the elders!" So moral of the story.. be exactly obedient.

We had two devotionals from Provo over the past week. One on Sunday night and one on Tuesday night from Elder Ballard and Elder Cook! They were both really amazing, but at the moment I can’t really remember what their talks were centered on. I don’t have my notebook with  me either so I lose, but just know that they were amazing as usual!

OHHHH!! And (Hermana B) got here on Tuesday and I saw her in the comedor and was SO happy to see her! It’s so fun to have friends here! Especially good friend! She’s in my zone I’m pretty sure.. which I’m not sure means anything here, but it’s still so good to see her around.

Last night we were able to watch this huge Mexican Independence Day ceremony which consisted of a ton of cultural dances, but it was really neat, and really loud!! We also heard fireworks and music all night, so sleeping was kinda hard.. but all is well.

Okay, I’m so sorry! I’m out of time and I haven’t even bothered to include a spiritual thought. I’ll make up for it next week! Oh and I’m going to try to send some pictures later today after the temple. Love you all so much and hope things are well back home! Keep on keepin’ on! 
Much love,
Hermana Sessions

** The picture of some of the elders in my district is necessary because we’ve decided we are all characters from The Office. In the picture there’s Michael Scott, Dwight, Andy, and Jim. Enjoy!

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