Monday, April 10, 2017

"Casi estoy lista"

Let's try this again.. Seriously so sorry for sending you all an email to my mom! Que vergüenza!! I'm really good at sending messages to the wrong people. Just one of my many talents.. yeah. It's a really good thing we don't have texting on our cell phone!

This week was a good one full of some amazing miracles! The hermana leaders called us and asked us to try an activity of asking for references in prayer. We said a prayer together, then went to our map to choose ten streets where we could go knock doors. I numbered the 10 streets 1-10. Then we said separate prayers and each chose five streets to knock. For some reason I kept thinking "number 4, number 4", but every time I read the street name of number 4, I was not impressed. The hermana leaders told us that when they did the activity, they had 4/5 streets in common. ..Hermana Levrino and I had one (but it did happen to be the 4th street on each of our lists). We knocked the street and made a few decent contacts, but felt a little bit bummed out afterward because that was about it. I had a pretty strong feeling that not much was going to come out of knocking doors in that street immediately, but maybe further down the road, so I still have faith in "Lago Trinidad".

On Thursday night we were knocking doors in a few little streets that we had never knocked before. We knocked a couple doors and made a couple "mas o menos" contacts. Then we knocked a door (and when I say knocked a door, I really mean yelled "HALLO" outside of the gate) and an older woman answered. She told us to open the gate and come up to the door to talk to her, so we did and we talked with her for a little bit and explained that we would like to share more with her. She agreed and asked us, "Now?" and we were overjoyed and said yes and went in and taught her The Restoration. It went REALLY WELL. We scheduled another cita with her for Saturday and she became the second 'real' new investigator that Hermana Levrino and I have had together. Funny enough, she lives on street '4'. 

When we passed by for her on Saturday for our cita she either wasn't there or didn't feel like opening the door, and we were a little bummed out. Later I felt like we should try again to see if she was home, so we went by again and she opened the door! We talked to her from outside the gate for a little while and after some convincing, she agreed to come to church with us! On Sunday morning we called her before leaving the house to pass by for her. She basically told us no and hung up on us.. but we still had faith that she was going to come to church one way or another so we showed up on her doorstep. When she opened the door she smiled and said, "casi estoy lista" (I'm almost ready) and shut the door. I looked at Hermana Levrino with my mouth open.. I seriously couldn't believe it. I thought it was going to take some more convincing.. but no, she was almost ready!! And the best part was that she opened the door again, walked to church with us, and stayed for all of Sacrament Meeting!! WOOT WOOT!!

So I know it's hard sometimes, but seriously, look for the little miracles every day because they're happening all around. And if the Spirit tells you to choose number four, don't be stubborn, and choose number four! (Elder Rasband's conference talk) I love you all! Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

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