Monday, March 27, 2017

Ahora, sí!

Dearest fam and friends,

I'm so, so, so sorry that it has been so long since the last time I wrote a decent letter. I just haven't had a ton of time the past couple of P-days and I just had a lot going on, or at least I felt like I had a lot going on, haha!

We're officially in week two of the new transfer. Transfers were last Wednesday, but Hermana Levrino and I didn't have a cambio. We're staying together here in La Union. So I will be in La Union for at least another 6 weeks! If I'm being completely honest, this sector has been pretty difficult since I got here. A lot of different hermanas here in La Union were really sick and had to stay in the house, so the work was really impeded here for a decent chunk of time. We have two(ish) investigators right now and we have to be patient with them. We're working on finding, but it hasn't been very easy either. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing something wrong, but I have to remember that it's not my time, not my schedule.. It's His time, His 'agenda', His work.. It's not about me. 

My job is to work my little heart out, and I could do better. I'm imperfect and, although I'd like to be flawless, I'm hopelessly flawed. But that's life. "Heavenly Father doesn't expect perfection, He expects progression" ..not really sure who said that, but it definitely wasn't me. For now I'm trying find peace in my imperfections and work, work, work.. it's still not easy, but it's not supposed to be. 

Also, GUESS WHAT!? Hermana Ruiz was called to be an Hermana Líder in Rahue (Osorno) and we are going to have intercambios together on Wednesday!! I am SOoOooOO stoked! I miss my mommy, haha!! I really just can't believe that I already have 7 months on the mission and that she had about the same when I entered the mission field! SCARY! Time goes by too fast! Tranquilo, por favor! 

Other than that.. we have conference with President on Wednesday, Zone meeting Thursday, and I'm super ready for General Conference this weekend!! The first session starts at 1:00pm here in Chile.. it obviously has to start later due to the time difference, but I just find it strange, haha! dice que "Dios tiene un mensaje para ti en la conferencia general" y yo puedo testificar de las palabras de 'mi compañera' haha! But really, I'm way pumped! Hopefully all you girlies got to watch the women's session on Saturday! (I didn't get the chance) ..but I'm excited to read the talks! woot woot! Super ready for some personal revelation!!  

Okay, getting back into the swing of things still. I don't have much more to write, but it's a work in progress! I'll do my best to make it even more interesting! Love you all! Thank you for your love and support! Don't forget to participate in General Conference this weekend and have a great week!!

Hermana Sessions

here are some pics.. I had a staring contest with a sheep 

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