Monday, February 20, 2017

Thursday marks 6 months.. COMO!?!

I cannot believe that I have almost been gone for 6 months.. then again, in some ways it feels like it's been years.. but most of the time it feels like I just left! It's super weird to think that I am almost a third of the way through my mission. Time flies! I still feel so young on the mission.. and I still have so much to learn and SO MUCH room for improvement! I still really need to learn how to speak Spanish well too! Luckily I have a Latina companion! woot woot! Anyway, it's super crazy, I really can't believe it. I have a year to work my butt off. 

So my glasses have been really loose for a while. In Valdivia, every time I tried to take them somewhere to get them tightened the people would always tell me that they don't fix glasses unless I were to buy a pair from them. Well the other day my companion took me into an eyeglasses shop in centro and I was doubting that they would fix them and had kind of a bummer attitude about it, and what do you know the lady took my glasses, tightened them up, fixed my frames and handed them back.. free of charge! I was so happy I could hardly see straight! I still need to write that lady a letter and buy her some chocolate or something because I really didn't have faith that she would fix them, and she just did it like it was nothing! It was such a good day haha! 

We had intercambios on Wednesday and I spent the day in our sector with Hermana Parkison, who I met in Valdivia! She is just sooo great and I had a lot of fun with her, and learned a lot from her example! She's gringa too, from utah but she has a bit more time on the mission, so it was really neat to have her share experiences with me and to feel a little better about where I'm at with my Spanish right now and all of that. Love her!!

Then on Friday we went to Puerto Montt so I could see someone about getting inserts made for my super lame rabbit feet. Puerto Montt is 3 hours south of La Union so it was a day full of traveling.. a total of six hours. Anywho.. the bus ride there was super interesting. Trunkiest bus ride possible, I'm certain. They had 80's love songs playing the entire time, it was just too much! The best was that we were on the phone with our Zone Leaders.. and they were like, "uh, hermanas.. where are you??" haha! Oh my goodness it was too trunky. I've only been out six months.

What else.. I feel like so much has happened, but I'm having a hard time remembering this past week. It has been a super long week. We passed by for an older man in our ward who is less active. I wasn't feeling super great that day so I was leaning against a post by his front door trying to understand what was going on, but basically he was mad that we couldn't enter his house because he lives alone, and it's a mission rule that we can't enter without a woman. He was just upset about a lot of different things and we tried to reason with him and solve his problems, but he wasn't really having it. After about 40 minutes of talking to him outside of his house and having him tell us that he'd prefer that we don't come by to visit him we finally asked if we could at least leave him with a prayer. He agreed, and we offered a prayer and suddenly we all felt a lot more peaceful. We said goodbye and told him if he really doesn't want us to visit that we'll respect that, and he totally had a change of heart and asked us to come by. We are now going to find hermanas in the ward that are willing to come to citas with us on Tuesday nights so we can teach him. For me it was a huge testimony builder of the power of prayer. It wasn't until then that I could feel the Spirit working through us and he was calm and cared to listen to us. Next time we'll be sure to start with a prayer even if we're outside on the doorstep.. but really!

Oh the mission.. I'm out of time, but I love you all so much! Tengan una semana muy buena por favor!! 


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