Monday, January 16, 2017


Chileans say “po" after most words so why not..

Heyyy fam and friends! What's shaking? I don't have a ton of time this week but at least wanted to check in and say hey, and let you know what's up. 

This week.. well like usual was a blur (blurr?) I also can't spell anymore and it doesn't exactly help that when I type every word is underlined red because well, it's English. I'm actually having a super hard time remembering what happened this week.

But, things have been good.. Hermana Gillespie and I have been working hard and have found some pretty awesome people recently. We found one woman named M who has an eleven year old daughter and we have taught them two lessons so far. We committed them to baptism and she accepted, but obviously wants to learn more and come to know for herself that the things we have been teaching and will continue to teach are true. She's super good though! We also found another family knocking doors a couple weeks ago. R and his two daughters..but I can only remember the name of the younger of the two right now, her name is C. He is an inactive member and his oldest daughter is also a member, but C isn't. We have been working with them as well and have had a couple of super great lessons and also committed her to baptism which was actually amazing and we are super stoked to see where things go! The one bummer was that out of the seven or so investigators that we invited to church yesterday, not one of them came... FOME! :/ But.. we are still SUPER happy about everything that's happening right now. 

We also had intercambios again this week, only this time I was with Hermana Bernal, a Latina from Columbia, in Los Encinos. All of our cita's (appointments) fell, but it was still really fun to spend the day with her and learn from her. To be honest, I was pretty nervous to have my first intercambio with a Latina, because I was worried that although I can 'speak' Spanish now, I wasn't really going to be able to express myself or keep a conversation going, but I was totally surprised about how well it went. In some ways I was able to communicate with her better than I do with people in English, so that was a major shocker. We had to head back to the Hermana Lideres' apartment a little bit early that night so their bishop could fix their water heater and while he was fixing it we sat there talking to him. After a couple minutes Hermana Bernal asked if she could braid my hair and so she braided my hair for like fifteen minutes while he finished working. She couldn't get over how 'soft' and 'shiny' it is.. haha. 

Okay, I feel really pressured because there are like four elders in the cyber waiting for a computer, so I better go. But I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what's been going on over here in Chile recently. I'll try to be much better about sending pictures and writing in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for being patient with me family. Oh, but one more thing. On the 27th of January, the whole mission is getting together in Puerto Montt because.. Elder Stevenson is coming to speak to us!! WE ARE SO STOKED! okay.. that's all for today.

Love you all so much and hope things are well!
until next week..

Hermana Sessions

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