Monday, January 23, 2017

Beets, beets ... the hoRRible vegetable!


Hmm.. what's new here in Val-lluvia, well actually if I'm being completely honest, it hasn't rained in a couple days.. *knocks on wood of computer desk* It has actually been pretty stinking hot lately! I think it's been like high 80's, low 90's or something like that. Anyway, it's really hot and I'm way tan, which is pretty fun.. only I have some gnarly tan lines, and well.. I just hope they go away eventually after I get home, haha!

This week has been full of lots of different adventures! The hermanas from Pucon had to come back to Valdivia to go to the clinic so they came and spent the day working in our sector. It just so happened that we had interviews with President that day, so we had to leave our sector for a few hours, but I guess we never really stopped working because they were there to help us out, haha. I love interviews with President, actually I just really love President. He and Hermana Isom are the BEST! I got to talk to Hermana Isom while Hermana Gillespie was in her interview and it's always so uplifting to chat with her. She's just so adorable and positive and encouraging. My companion told President that my feet have been bothering me a little bit so the first thing he said to me when I walked in for my interview was.. "How are your feet? Your companion says they're kinda bad.. not sure if she means they smell bad, or what but..?" Haha he's seriously so sassy sometimes, but it's great. Like when I may have gotten a concussion from hitting my head super hard a few times getting into a collectivo (kinda like a taxi) and I had to tell him what had happened he said, "Are you a slow learner??" And then later in my interview he was talking about someone in Osorno who makes personalized shoes as a possible option to help my feet and he said, "I don't know, he could make you a pair of shoes and it very well might be the worst pair of shoes you've ever had in your entire life!" haha President! He's just too much.

Anyway.. after our interviews we got to go on divisions with the hermanas from Pucon for a couple of hours and I got to work with Hermana Hyde from Vernal, Utah. She's been in the mission 8 months and her Spanish is super good! So I'm hoping in a few more months I'll be in the same boat. She has had two Latina companions though, so I'm kind of hoping that I end up with a Latina companion next transfer or something, it would definitely make is so that I have to speak the language all the time which I think would really help me!

So earlier this week Hermana Gillespie and I were knocking some doors and passing by for some contacts we had made when we realized that we had some followers. We continued to go about our business knocking doors (or rather, rattling gates) and yelling 'halo' but after about twenty minutes we realized they were still following us. Super weird. We decided it was probably okay to discuss the situation in English because they probably wouldn't have any idea what we were saying. We didn't really know what to do and joked about telling President we had some stalkers. They were following us pretty closely, but whenever we turned around they tried to be really discrete and act like they weren't following. Finally after about 40 minutes or so we left the neighborhood we were in to go to a cita (appointment) and they stopped following us! It was super weird.. oh and did I mention they were about ten.. haha! The funniest part was that we saw one of the little boys a couple days later out in his front yard with his mom and he waved to us and we waved back and asked him how he was, his mom just looked so confused as to how we knew him.. I'm sure he had some explaining to do.

On Saturday we had a Capilla Abierta in Miraflores, another sector/ward here in Valdivia. We had lunch earlier that day with our Mamita and then met up with the other hermanas in our ward to take a bus to the capilla. This is where my experience with the beets happened ... but ... just know it was a bad experience. Enough said.

Last, but certainly not least, WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR COME TO SACRAMENT MEETING ON SUNDAY, can I get a woot woot?? ..okay, I can't hear you from all the way over there, but WOOT WOOT. We were so excited and honestly it was a miracle. About 45 minutes or so before Church we got a call from P (her dad R’s girlfriend)-- side note, she is so awesome!! She's a returned missionary and is just the most adorable person ever--saying that she had called them to get them to come with her, but C (our investigator) had gone to bed really late the night before and they weren't going to make it. We were pretty bummed out because literally the night before we talked to R and he said they were for sure coming. We were about to walk out the door for church when we got another call from P saying that they had woken up, gotten ready, and she was on her way to meet them to bring them to church! WE WERE SO STOKED!! And the best part was that they really, truly came! It was a miracle, enserio! I know that Heavenly Father had prepared a way for them to make it to sacrament meeting and we were seriously walking on a cloud afterwards because of it. This is truly His work and He really is preparing people and preparing the way. I am so incredibly grateful to be a missionary here and for the opportunity I have to assist in His work!!

I love you all sOoOOoo much! Have an amazing week!! 

besitos & ..hugs (I don't love the word abrazos, haha!)

Hermana Sessions 

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