Monday, January 2, 2017


Happy new year!! I cannot believe that it's already 2017.. is that even possible? I really don't believe it! What happened?! And on top of that I have been gone for 4 and a half months.. on the 23rd I will have 5 months out on the mission already! How can that be? Time is such a weird concept, I just don't understand!! I hope you all had a super fun New Years Eve.. I know I did, especially because I was asleep, or at least trying to sleep. One of our neighbors literally listened to music ALL. NIGHT. LONG. And on top of that it wasn't even very good music,haha! 

What to say about this week... hmm. Well Cambios were last Thursday and I'm still in Angachilla II.. BUT Hermana Ruiz left me to train a new missionary in another sector and.. I have a new companion! woot woot! (Pause: Cambio 2 statistics... steps: 638,087; miles: 268.08; floors: 1034) Anyway, her name is Hermana Gillespie and she's from Colorado Springs, Colorado; or at least that's what she keeps claiming. Her dad is in the Air Force so her family is military and has lived all over. She's lived in Colorado for the most time, but her family has also lived in Washington, Massachusetts, Florida, Germany, and Italy.. and now they live in Utah! So no big deal really. She speaks a little bit of Italian and likes to run and work out, which is probably going to be really good for me this transfer, haha! She also grew up playing sports and got to play on her school’s soccer team in Italy.. they would like travel to Germany to play soccer, so that's really neat. Seriously I learn knew things about her all the time, and will continue to do so I'm sure, because she has lived in so many different places! Super cool!

Well.. I'm just a 'normal' missionary now.. I grew up and I'm no longer in my training, which means we get to leave the house about an hour before lunch to start our day! It really is crazy how different it is to leave that early. I feel like we have so much more time in the day and it really changes so much! This week has been really really cool. I feel like a totally different missionary.. it's funny. I guess more than anything I just feel more capable. I've felt a lot more confident this week. I've noticed that every time I really make an effort to contact or participate more actively in a lesson, I've been able to do my part. In my training I was always so scared to make mistakes and I feel like I sort of impeded my progression a little because of it. I was worried I was going to be even more scared to make mistakes now that I'm a 'normal' missionary and I am supposed to be self-sufficient, but I've found that I really am capable to do His work. Every time that I've made an effort and initiated a contact or participated more in a lesson I have been able to feel the spirit working and testifying through me. I'm confident that even if I'm not sure what to say, or maybe if I'm just feeling shy and nervous to contact, if I just make an effort and put myself out there, the Lord is there to help me out. He really, really is and I have complete confidence in that. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really are always right there for us, they want to help us more than anything, but we have to act on our faith and do our part too. This week I've really gained a testimony of that and have been so surprised by all that we are able to do when we trust in Him and do our part.

I love you all so much and hope that you are all doing well! As always, thank you so much for all of the support! Make this year great and I'll see you all next year, haha!


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